We are pleased to announce that we've released a completely new structure to our Gaming Servers and Clan Packages.

We've also released over 40 new titles to our already vast list of games, as you can imagine this has been quite the task when it comes to managing all the games.

We do know of bugs in certain titles such as "Arma 2 DayZ Package", "Life is Feudal", "Arma 3 All In One" and some others which we are currently working on to resolve as fast as possible.

It's been very hard the past few month's with all the game and mod updates to keep these titles fully up to date and we're extremely greatful to all of those who have helped us iron out the bugs. We understand that support has been slow while the rework of the company has been taking place but now things should start running much smoother and with the implementation of Live Support you should be able to get answers much quicker.

We will shortly be releasing a new Loyalty system which will grant customers a method of gaining points to further lower the cost of their services.

If anyone has suggestions or wants us to host another title please do let us know.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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