We will be changing Discord over to Live Chat during the next week. We have several reasons for doing this of which i'll list them below; 
  • Live Chat is direct with you the client.
  • Discord has become somewhat unmanageable with the amount of requests that staff are getting.
  • We believe that dedicated Live Chat hours and correct management will better serve you as a customer.
  • We can track and log issues directly with our own systems.
  • Discord with its "Avatar" based system is putting an unorganized view on us knowing clients and who requires immediate assistance. 
  • We can directly see what URL the client is on within our system which will allow us again to serve you quicker.
We wont be getting rid of Discord completely however we will be asking clients to use the Live Chat as their main form of support. We thought by having Discord would be a more informal method of support and we could get to know clients better of which this will still continue however it has very quickly become a frustration for many clients as they are messaging via Discord of which we have no track of their issue and by the time we get the messages the issue has either been resolved or has been lost within the 100s of messages we are getting every day.

I hope this explains issues we've had with Discord and also hope this clears a few things up for you.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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