We have now released King of the Hill (KOTH) for our Arma 3 All In One product. You can request to get this addon installed via a support ticket on our website https://www.vilayer.com/submitticket.php under Game Server Support.

Please note you do not get access to the full source of the addon however you can modify the following in the configuration manager;

  • View Distance (foot, Ground, Air, Helis, Jets)
  • Shutdown Factors (After Rounds)
  • Server Rules (Bottom Left)
  • Perks allowed (Disable/Enable)
  • Weapons Allowed (Enable/Disable Weapons)
  • Vehicles Allowed (Enable/Disable Any Vehicle)
  • Database (Your own private, Hostiletakeover.co) - You will not have access to HostileTakeover.co Database tables only your private database if requested.

And much more you can request more information regarding this via a support ticket.

Best Regards,

Saturday, July 21, 2018

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