We are glad to announce that we are now going to be providing custom virtual server packages with FiveM ready to go. With the recent increase in popularity, we have decided to bring out this new package that allows users to have remote desktop access or ssh access, this allows full control and customisation of your FiveM server with customisable hardware preferences.

You can purchase both Windows and Linux operating systems with instant setup.

If you select our Windows operating system, once logged into the machine and on the desktop, you will be greeted with a ready to go FiveM folder and XAMP installer if you require a MySQL database for your resource / mod.

The setup for Linux is fairly the same, ready to go, however, the setup for your MySQL server will be different and has no pre-built executable to install it for you, therefore, must be done manually. If you are new to Linux this could be difficult and that's why we suggest new users use our Windows installation for ease of use.

If you are looking to use Linux and have no experience we can assist you getting your service setup with the required files for you to run your resource / mod.

We currently have a promotion for all new/existing VDS services.


This will give you 15% off the lifetime of the service.

Click this link here to go directly to the product, https://www.vilayer.com/gaming-layer/gta-v-fivem-fxserver-hosting.php

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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