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Reward System

Earn points as you use your services at VILAYER and convert them into credit.

Earn Reward Points and save money!

We always want to help our here at VILAYER so we've designed a completely unique system to help you out for being a loyal customer!


Earn Points

Earn points by performing the tasks below, or just using your service(s).


Convert to Credit

You can start converting the points staight away into credit on your account.


Apply to Invoice

You can then apply the credit into your account onto any invoice you have.

At VILAYER we want to give back to all our loyal customers so we've developed a unique points system which allows you to get further discounts or purchase a new services.

You don't have to do anything extra just use your services as you would normally and the points will automatically build in your account then you can convert them into credit at VILAYER.

You can use the credits for anything here at VILAYER, purchase a new service or use it to renew your original service, it's that simple!

Below is a table showing you what actions earn you points, this way you can make the most out of the system.

Task Description Points
Registration When new client is registered 10
Login When client login to the client area 24 hours after previous login 5
Affiliate When activating an Affiliate Account 10
Order After a successful order and creation of a service 10
Suspension After a service has been suspended -25
Unsuspension After a service has been unsuspended 25
Upgrade After a service has been upgraded 10
Close Ticket Client closes the ticket after the issue has been resolved 10
Paid Invoice 5% of the invoice total converts into points 5% of X invoice amount