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Control Panels

Server Administration can be hard. How many times have you searched for an answer to a particular error on forums, or tried to install something on a server that ended up breaking several other things in the process? If you are a server administrator, and especially for an ISP, then it's all in a days work.... but fortunately if you are not that experienced (or you just don't want the hassle) you can now use a range of control panels that make it easy for you with Vilayer.

We aim to offer the latest and greatest control panels with as much choice as possible, we don't want to force you to choose a control panel or operating system you may not like.

The WEBLAYER powered by cPanel© and WHM© is designed to be, quite simply, a hosting platform 'right out of the box'. There are so many options within cPanel it comes as no surprise to learn that it's one of the most popular control panels in the world today.

The ACPLAYER powered by TCAdmin© has been specifically customized for each individual game and practically re-developed to allow us to give you more control over your services without loosing speed, stability and smooth operation for you and your clients.

The VSPLAYER powered by SolusVM has been specifically customized for each virtualization platform and has allowed us to have bespoke configurations for each location virtualization platform. Allowing you the most feature packed controlling of your virtualization possible!