Certified Seal Security Seals

Vilayer's VSP panel is powered by Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) which is a powerful GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ, Linux & Windows KVM support. SolusVM allows you to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease. It also allows customers to fully interact with their Virtual Servers at the very host level eliminating any form of higher level management that other panels still require.


  • Over 45+ OpenVZ images and 25+ KVM images
  • World Wide Locations supported under one panel
  • Full unrestricted serial console to your vps
  • Easy to use IP and network tools
  • Change the Root Password of the VPS at the Click of a Button
  • Complete Reinstall of the Server from a wide variety of Media including Templates, ISO's, Network Media (PXE) etc..
  • Email notification to let you know the latest VSP updates and Virtual Server status
  • 100s customizations to help you manage your service
  • Easy Control Panel installation and updating
  • Full power control stop, start, restart
  • Recovery mode and console incase of defective VPS
  • Full graphs to show usage and bandwidth statistics
  • Single login for multiple virtual servers
  • Full VNC console support
  • Full manual and automated backup support

As with all of our control panels there are literally thousands of features and for us to list them all wouldn't be practical so we've broke down the panel into 3 sections allowing you to demo test each solution of the VSPLAYER with the service you plan on using.

Virtual Server (VPS)
    This is the VSPLAYER you will get when purchasing an OpenVZ based virtual server, login and test the functons.
Virtual Server (VDS)
    This is the VSPLAYER you will get when purchasing an KVM based virtual server, login and test the functons.
Server Resellers
Start your own!

Username : vspdemo
Password : vspdemo
For VPS and VDS demo accounts.

Control Panel Functions

KVM Home

Server Configuration

OpenVZ Home

User Management Tools

Account Management

Realtime Statistics

VPS Settings

Control Panel Functions

KVM O/S Reinstall

Server Configuration

KVM Stats

User Management Tools


Web Console

KVM VNC Console

Server Configuration

OpenVZ O/S Reinstall

Server Configuration

OpenVZ Stats

Support and Ticket System

OpenVZ Serial Console

Teamspeak 3 Manager

OpenVZ Reset Password