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Dedicated Servers

Rent your own full machine which is completely dedicated to you

High performance Dedicated Servers for resource intensive applications

Are you looking for an affordable yet powerful dedicated server? We've designed a range of servers to meet all needs from small to large requirements but at the same time keeping costs affordable.

Premium Dedicated Servers Cores/Threads Memory Storage GeekBench Price Stock/Info Order
INTEL XEON E3-1270v6 (3.8GHZ+) 4/8 32GB DDR4 2 x 2TB SATA 15758 $138.54 p/m
Premium Gaming Servers Cores/Threads Memory Storage GeekBench Price Stock/Info Order
INTEL CORE i7 6700K (4GHZ+) 4/8 32GB DDR4 2 x 480GB SSD 17465 $150.09 p/m
INTEL CORE i7 7700K (4.2GHZ+) 4/8 32GB DDR4 2 x 480GB SSD 18825 $173.19 p/m
INTEL CORE i7 9700K (3.6GHZ+) 8/8 64GB DDR4 500GB NVMe 28834 $230.94 p/m
INTEL CORE i9 9900K (3.6GHZ+) 8/16 64GB DDR4 500GB NVMe 33898 $288.69 p/m

A selection of Server Operating Systems to choose from

All of our dedicated plans allow you to select your preferred operating system when building your server







A choice of easy to use Application Management Control Panels for your dedicated server

Everything about your dedicated server is customisable, including which management control panel you would like to use


Virtualization Control Panel

Master License

$11.49 Per Month

This license allows you to run a master that can host virtual servers (OpenVZ only).

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Slave Only License

$3.41 Per Month

This license allows you to run a master without any virtualization but fully featured and ideal for a dedicated or standalone VPS.

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cPanel & WHM

Complete Web Hosting Control Panel

cPanel & WHM License

$34.59 Per Month

In the competitive web hosting industry, cPanel & WHM offers hosting providers the tools that they need to succeed.

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Full Game & Voice Server Management

Machine License

$28.82 Per Month

For customers who want complete access to all of our game server titles & voice services with your dedicated server.

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Get your server protected by SEC-LAYER and never be taken down again!

With over 600Gbps protection you can be assured your services wont be affected by a DDOS attack and best of all it's FREE at VILAYER.

What is SEC-LAYER ?

SEC-LAYER protects your server automatically by analysing each packet that is sent to your IP and PORT. Once unusual packets are detected those packets are then sent through a VAC based system while normal traffic continues to your server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

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