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One of the most advanced yet intuitive control panel developments with 1000s of hours spent to ensure you get everything to control your Hellion server.

Industry Leading Control Panel

Our ACPLAYER offers you the tools you need to run your game server with ease and no knowledge requirements.

Fully Featured Monitoring!

Start, Stop, Restart, Reinstall, Player Monitoring, CPU , RAM, DISK, Bandwidth Monitoring and so much more.

One-Click Control Panel Installation

Install and manage a huge amount of mods with a single click of a button from our repository or Steam Workshop.


Standardized high performance bare metal dedicated hardware world wide for Hellion hosting.



4.0 - 4.2Ghz


64Gb DDR4 2133Mhz


1,000 Mbps


4 x 256gb (RAID 10)



4.6 - 5.2Ghz


128Gb DDR4 3200Mhz


1,000 Mbps


4 x 512gb (RAID 10)


Get your where you want and experience the same great performance and protection globally.

Asburn, VA game server hosting
Asburn, VA
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Atlanta, GA game server hosting
Atlanta, GA
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Buffalo, NY game server hosting
Buffalo, NY
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Chicago, IL game server hosting
Chicago, IL
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Dallas, TX game server hosting
Dallas, TX
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Kansas, MO game server hosting
Kansas, MO
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Las Vegas, NV game server hosting
Las Vegas, NV
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Los Angeles, CA game server hosting
Los Angeles, CA
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Miami, FL game server hosting
Miami, FL
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Montreal, CA game server hosting
Montreal, CA
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New Jersey, PA game server hosting
New Jersey, PA
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New York, NY game server hosting
New York, NY
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San Jose, CA game server hosting
San Jose, CA
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Seattle, CA game server hosting
Seattle, CA
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St Louis, MO game server hosting
St Louis, MO
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Vancouver, BC game server hosting
Vancouver, BC
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Amsterdam, NL game server hosting
Amsterdam, NL
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Brussels, BE game server hosting
Brussels, BE
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Frankfurt, DE game server hosting
Frankfurt, DE
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Gravelines, FR game server hosting
Gravelines, FR
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Hamburg, DE game server hosting
Hamburg, DE
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London, UK game server hosting
London, UK
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Madrid, ES game server hosting
Madrid, ES
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Manchester, UK game server hosting
Manchester, UK
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Milan, IT game server hosting
Milan, IT
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Paris, FR game server hosting
Paris, FR
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Prague, CZ game server hosting
Prague, CZ
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Strasbroug, FR game server hosting
Strasbroug, FR
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Warsaw, PL game server hosting
Warsaw, PL
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Auckland, NZ game server hosting
Auckland, NZ
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Hong Kong, CN game server hosting
Hong Kong, CN
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Istanbul, TR game server hosting
Istanbul, TR
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Keiv, UKR game server hosting
Keiv, UKR
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Melbourne, AU game server hosting
Melbourne, AU
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Moscow, RU game server hosting
Moscow, RU
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Rio de Janerio, BR game server hosting
Rio de Janerio, BR
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Saint Petersburg, RU game server hosting
Saint Petersburg, RU
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Sao Paolo, BR game server hosting
Sao Paolo, BR
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Singapore, SG game server hosting
Singapore, SG
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Sydney, AU game server hosting
Sydney, AU
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Tokyo, JP game server hosting
Tokyo, JP
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With over 600Gbps protection you can be assured your Hellion GAME SERVER HOSTING wont be affected by a DDoS attack and best of all it's FREE at ViLAYER.


DDoS Protection

Instantly mitigates malicious attacks

All attacks are dealt with in seconds

Only clean traffic is sent to the server

All normal traffic can reach the server

Completely transparent to regular traffic

Nobody will know you've been attacked

Included free of charge with any server

Every service is protected free of charge

Every IP protected from DDoS attacks

Every ip address is protected free of charge

In-house filtering for no added latency

No latency and instant detection of attacks

Stay online throughout attacks

Never go offline regardless of attack

Multi point protection

Stop the attack in the source country

Peak protection always increasing

Constantly increasing protection in all locations.

Protection from small and large attacks

All attacks are dangerous and mitiaged

What is Hellion?

After a century in cryosleep you find yourself stranded amidst the ruins of mankind’s first interstellar colony. Explore derelict ships and stations and harvest raw resources in search of air, fuel and other equipment. Or loot and pillage what you need from other survivors. The choice is yours!

Zero Gravity
50.00% (1,600/1,311)
Zero Gravity
Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation


With over 600Gbps protection you can be assured your services wont be affected by a DDOS attack and best of all it's FREE at VILAYER.

Game Server Hosting at ViLAYER

We have been hosting Game Servers and offering multiple types of Game Server Rentals options for 10+ years, we have spent 1000s of hours developing our unique infrastructure world wide offering our clients 40+ DDOS protected locations all with the same high standard hardware, network and control interface.

We absolutely pride ourselves on making 110% sure that your game server hosting runs only on the highest performance hardware available thus making sure your server runs at the max the 7DTD game engine will offer. Also at VILAYER we don't use any types of virtualization at all on any of our gaming servers, we only use pure dedicated servers to run your gaming server and best of it all is we don't limit the usage regardless of how much the game uses.

Help and Support 24/7

We are here round the clock to provide support when you need it whether it be for configuration, mods or general questions about Hellion our experts are on hand to provide assistance when you need it.


Live Chat

Phone / Discord

High Performance Hardware

Performance is paramount when it comes to Hellion game server hosting, with Intel & AMD processors being able to achive 4.2Ghz - 5.2Ghz, DDR4 3200+Mhz and NVMe SSD drives this offers you very high performance game server hosting.

All Game Server Hosting at ViLAYER run on pure bare-metal dedicated server machines with NO virtualization at all meaning the full resources are available for your Game Server at all times.

Upto 5.2Ghz CPU



Low Latency Network & Locations

With over 40+ locations, 100s of PoP (Point of Presence Locations) world wide you can choose the best location for your Hellion game server to get the lowest latency (ping) that you want and your players require.

40+ Locations

3Tbps+ Bandwidth

10gbps / Server

Security & Protection

Protection is also one of our key aspects of game servers hosting at ViLAYER, our SEC-LAYER ANTI DDOS PROTECTION monitors all traffic incoming, outgoing and if we detect an attack or malicious use it will instantly active and block the offending content without affecting all normal traffic.

All protection comes free of charge at ViLAYER offering you fully DDOS PROTECTED Hellion Hosting and our system will automatically notify you if an attack comes in.





Our monitoring infrastructure constantly keeps an eye on all our Servers / Networks and automatically notifies staff if a problem exists within the infrastructure. It is a highly sophisticated system that monitors every aspect of the infrastructure from applications running on machines to the ViLAYER global network and performs automated tasks where possible to resolve issues.

Infrastructure Management

Automated Tasks & Control

In-depth Graphs