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What is SQUAD?

Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay, emphasizing both strong squad cohesion mechanics as well as larger scale coordination, tactics and planning. It features large open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience which mixes organized tactical multi-squad planning with split second decision-making in real-world scale firefights.
Steam LogoOfficial Provider - Vilayer is an official provider and we provide official public servers in a selection of locations for everyone to enjoy. Vilayer's servers are setup and configured to give you the most out of public gameplay.
Steam LogoFull Map Support - With the click of a button within our ACP you can change map to any of the maps that the game supports. You can also upload your own custom maps and configure the servers maplist with ease.
Steam LogoData Manager - Allows you to keep constant control over your servers data such as player and world data. You can backup and restore just the players or just the world or everything at the click of a single button. You can also schedule backups to run at anytime regardless of whether the server is running or turned off.
Steam LogoUnlocked Tickrate - With all games that have performance values suck as tickrate we offer full control of and ensure 100% that the value you set is what the server performs at.

SQUAD Demo Servers!

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Highest performance hardware!


0 Ghz

0 Gb DDR4

0 Mbps

4 x 0 Gb RAIDED

Our servers are running on the latest generation hardware with the highest possible configuration within the machines stable range giving you the ultimate performance without any extra cost. This pared with NOT OVERLOADING machines makes our gaming services run at the highest possible performance. We DO NOT limit you in any way shape or form on your gaming services, we don't perform any restarts or charge you extra for memory usage etc... your game server truly have unlimited resources!


0 Gbps Throughput Protection

To detect the attack, we use the netflow sent by the routers and analysed by the Arbor Peakflow boxes. Each router sends a summary of 1/2000 of the traffic that is actually passing through it. The Arbor Peakflow boxes analyse this and compare it to the attack signatures. If the comparison is positive, mitigation is activated within seconds meaning your game service will be fully protection throughout the attack.

Ultimate Network Over
43 World Wide Locations

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Vilayer ACP Control Panel

Our control panel is highly customized to suite all aspects of the game, we''ve spent 100s of hours developing addon systems that bring you the ultimate control. Server updates, map changing, configuration editing, database settings, and server customization are at your finger tips, giving you unprecedented control over your server. Paired with our vast repository of video guides, owning a game server could not be easier.

Steam LogoSteam Updater - Update your game when you deside, when there is an update released the you can run the steam update to get the latest files directly from steam any time day or night! You can control if you want to update straight away or hold off until you are ready to update or you can also schedule it so it's all automated!
Steam LogoSteam Workshop - Full steam workshop integration at the click of a button, simply enter the workshop item id you want then press execute and our acp will do the rest, there is an autoupdater utilitly as well to keep all items that you've downloaded upto date which can also be scheduled.
Steam LogoAddon Manager - If the game doesn't support Steam Workshop then we've got it covered with our vast amount of game addons and with the click of a button your addon is installed with an array of configuration options so your can set it to your preference.
Steam LogoServer Messages - You can send server messages in realtime or pre-configured at specific times all configured from within our ACPLAYER.
Steam LogoEasy Server Configuration - Within our ACP we've made it as easy as possible to configure your server with a step by step configuration editor and for the advanced users you still have full access to the source configuraiton file just in case.
Steam LogoFull Map Support - With the click of a button within our ACP you can change map to any of the maps that the game supports. You can also upload your own custom maps and configure the servers maplist with ease.
Steam LogoData Manager - Allows you to keep constant control over your servers data such as player and world data. You can backup and restore just the players or just the world or everything at the click of a single button. You can also schedule backups to run at anytime regardless of whether the server is running or turned off.
Steam LogoUnlocked Tickrate - With all games that have performance values suck as tickrate we offer full control of and ensure 100% that the value you set is what the server performs at.

We're Powering!

Max Slots
Games 200+
Mods 1000+

Standard Features

Fast Setup
Servers start provisioning instantly after the payment is recieved, the process can take upto 30 minutes on larger based games however normally the server is ready to play within a few minutes of your order being processed. Dedicated Servers can take 48-72 Hours and Game Servers Can Take 24hours if we are out of stock due to location restrictions, billing dates will be corrected.
World Wide Servers
We offer a huge range of locations for you to choose from to ensure you get the best possible ping and performance on your game services.
Clan / Group Pay
We offer a unique Clan / Group Pay system which allows your clients / members to pay directly into your Vilayer account allowing you to pay for your services without the hassle of paypal and other forms of payment system charges.
Low Prices
At Vilayer we're constantly scanning the market to ensure we will always mantain low prices on all our products so you can be assured that your getting the best value for your hard earned money.
No Setup Fee
At Vilayer we will never charge you a setup fee for any game services or game product.
Quality Network
We have carefully setup our network and infrastructure to guarantee you have the best possible network performance on the market today we have achived this with carefully choosing premium bandwidth and reliable suppliers.
Quality Hardware
We are constantly updating our backend infrastructure to ensure that only the latest and greatest hardware is used on our network to guarantee only the highest server proformance possible within the game market today and to better that we run a yearly upgrade on machine hardware to update all older machines to the latest industry leading hardware. So whether your server has been running for 1 month or 1 year you can be assured that your server is on the latest hardware.
100% Dedicated Machines
When you order your server it's put on a machine 100% dedicated to running only Game Servers at the highest possible performance. There is NO virtualization or cloud that your server runs on. This ensures you have the highest possible performance at all times.
Service Support 24/7
At Vilayer we know your server operates 24/7 so we make sure we operate 24/7 by ticket and email support. For the more techinal problems we also operate phone support which for USA customers is online 9am - 9pm CST (Central Standard Time) and for European customers is online 9am - 9pm EST (Europe standard time). We also offer Teamspeak Support however this is not a fully manned service, It's designed to allow community based support however we normally have staff members online throughout the day.
Service Monitoring 24/7
Our ACPLAYER has a very sophisticated query protocol of which has been customized by Vilayer with scripts which scans your service every minute to verify it's online, if your service isn't online it then checks and verifies that you have not stopped the service or you are not making any modifications within the ACPLAYER. If your sevice has crashed it will attempt to start your service and verify it has come back online, If your service comes online it will send an email informing you that your service crashed and it was successfully put back online. If all of the control panel functions fail and it was unable to put your server back online, the ACPLAYER will email you informing you that your service was unable to be put back online and it requires your intervention.

The ACPLAYER also informs our support team that your service has failed ahead of time of which if you submit a support ticket our team already knows of possible problems with your service, if you submit a support ticket, our team will deal with the issue and ensure your service is back online and fully functioning as soon as possible.
A brand new unique system only from Vilayer were by we offer our SEC-LAYER security system in supported datacenters around the world to FULLY protect your server from any form of malicious traffic.

The best of all is it's completely free at standard DDOS protection level which will protect your server 99% of the time from any form of flooding, ip spoofing and much more...

Hardware Features

Hardware Monitoring 24/7
All of the servers on our network are monitored 24/7 if they go offline our staff will be notified within seconds and will immediately diagnose the issue. If the issue is a hardware fault of some form we will replace the hardware that has gone faulty as soon as possible.

This function also co-insides with the network monitoring to ensure that it's just the server that has gone down and not some form of network related issue. This way we can diagnose issues much quicker to keep your service online as much as possible.
Network Monitoring 24/7
All of our network is monitored 24/7 right down to the actual server port, this co-insides with the hardware monitoring and if an outage is detected our staff are informed within seconds however... Our network operates on multiple backend connections in all datacenters so a full network outage is very rare but if issues do occure including packet loss and unstable network connectivity our staff are informed of which the issue will be diagnosed then fixed.
Replacments Onsite 24/7
No matter what the hardware we always have replacements onsite to ensure that in case of hardware failure we have replacement hardware ready to be provisioned. We know that hardware fails and we don't operate our business on *might fail* we operate our business on worse case senario so we can 100% assure you that in case of mass failure we are able to keep services online and functioning.
Fault Monitoring 24/7
We have a very sophisticated hardware fault monitoring system, our internal NOC ( Network Operations Center ) is linked up with all servers in the form of their IPMI / IRMC and other forms of internal server systems which constantly monitors all hardware connected to that server to ensure that if they fault we get notified as soon as it happens. After we have diagnosed the issue we will if needed repair / fix the issue to ensure that the machine is stable.
Technicians Onsite 24/7
We are able to contact staff 24/7 365 days per year at all our SAS certified datacenters so if we can not fix a issue online we are able to get immediate intervention from the datacenter at any time, so even if the worse was to happen we can still get the issue resolved.
Triple electrical supply
One of the minimum requirements we have for hosting at Vilayer is redundancy, we ensure that all Datacenters we host at have a minimum triple power supply connectivity technology to 99.9% guarantee that you wont have an issue with power supply to your services. This includes 2 x Main Steam Power Feed, 3 x Backup Generators, Battery Power (Worse Case Senario), When battery power is activated all servers are sent power shutdown command to allow servers to shut down without data loss however there is less than 1% chance that this will happen within todays industry.

Location Stock


Western Europe

NL (EU) Amsterdam, NL
FR (EU) Paris, FR
GB (EU) London, UK

Central Europe

DE (EU) Madrid, Spain
DE (EU) Frankfurt, DE
DE (EU) Strasbourg, FR
DK (IT) Milan, IT
DK (EU) Zurich, Switzerland

Eastern Europe

DE (EU) Prague, CZ
DE (RU) Moscow, Russia
DE (EU) Stockholm, SE
DE (EU) Tallinn, Estonia
DK (FI) Helsinki, Finland

United States & Canada

East Coast

US (USA) New York
US (USA) New Jersey
US (USA) Buffalo, NY
US (USA) Atlanta, GA
US (USA) Miami, FL


US (USA) Dallas, TX
US (USA) Kansas City, MO
US (USA) Chicago, IL
US (USA) St Louis, MO

West Coast

US (USA) Seattle, WA
US (USA) Los Angeles, CA
US (USA) San Jose, CA
US (USA) Las Vegas, NV
US (USA) Salt Lake City, UT


DE (CA) Montreal, QC

Asia & South Pacific

Southeast Asia

DE (SG) Singapore

East Asia

DE (JP) Tokyo, Japan
DE (CN) Hong Kong, China


East Australia

AUS (AUS) Sydney, Australia

North New Zealand

DE (NZL) Auckland, New Zealand


Our ACPLAYER is a highly customized version of TcadminV2 we take a huge pride in our customizations to ensure that you get the most feature packed, full access, reliable and performance hosting possible.

We have taken every aspect of each game into account to ensure that each game is running with a highly customized backend configuration and that you get full 100% access to all associated files including dll files etc...

We have spent 1000s of hours configuring our ACPLAYER and with over 109 games and over 100 other application types you can rest assured that your service will be corretly configured and you will not have any issues with access or manipulation of your service.



User Management

Admin User Creation
You are able to create as many admin users in your account as you wish, these users have the same permissions as you do however they are unable to perform custom action tasks such as install or removing addons, we found that by limiting this stopped a number of issues occuring were multiple users would be accessing the same / other items and trying to perform tasks at the same time thus leaving the server in an un-usable state.
Admin User Permissions
As well as being able to create sub administrator accounts you are also able to further limit all or a specific user to futher protect the service in question.
Sub User Creation
As well as being able to create sub administrators you are also able to create sub users within your ACP control panel, this is what we recommend you do most. You are able to limit every factor of a sub user including the types of services that sub user has access to. This is the main difference between a sub user and a sub administrator so if you wanted a user to just have access to a Teamspeak server or a specific game server / application you are able to.
Sub User Permissions
You are able to limit every factor to a sub user including what services he / her has accesses to and what type of access that user has on that service. So lets say you want a user to only be able to stop / start and restart a service you are able to with level permissions on a sub user account.
Role Management
Role management allows you to create groups with different permissions so you are able to save your permissions for each group you want to attach sub users to for example, you may have certain ranks within your community and lets say you want to be able to attach permissions to each person on a rank basis you are able to with Role Management or you may just want to be able to tag everyone to a certain group(s) it's upto you.

Service Management

Full Access
We have always maintained that you get full 100% required access to your service no matter what it is, we have unlocked every aspect of each service bar the .exe files on the application hosted and this is for security purposes however if you require a custom exe file to be uploaded just let our staff know and we'll be more than happy to help.
FTP Manager & Access
With all of our services you get full FTP access to all folders and files required.
FTP User Account Control
You may want or not want all your users having access to FTP so you are able to either grant FTP access or deny FTP access to your service. You are also able to grant users access to certain directories within your file structure and have the ability to grant access or deny access to upload, delete, move and much more.... thus giving you full control over who and what has access your services files. You can also create FTP accounts for services to able to access your services, sometimes there are addons that require FTP access to your services, in this case you have the same control you would as if you were creating a user on your service.
Auto Permission Repair
Sometimes for what ever reason you may find that you don't have permission or something has gone wrong with the permissions on your service whehter it be a operating system generated file or whether another user has changed permissions on your file system, in this case we have a tool that will verify and change all permissions on your service file system to ensure you have full acces.
Command Line Manager
(On Supported Game Only. Ask support about your selected game)

As well as having full access to all files on your service we also give you the option to be able to change every aspect of the command line running your service. We give you that much control that you are even able to change things such as Tickrate, Configs, Max Slots, Max FPS and other start up params. You are also able to create command line profiles and either start the profiles manually or set the command line profile to a specific time and date to start if you wish. So if you wanted you could configure your server to start on a specific game type for half the day and configure it to restart on another game type for the other half of the day or make it run on a different game type every day of the week it's completely upto you.
Console Viewer/Manager
On our ACP layer every service runs on a console or via a log files if direct console is not supported, we ensure that you get full access to the console running your service so you are able to execute commands directly to that services console. If the game doesn't support direct console manipulation of which some do not we have also over come this by allowing you to directly input commands with the specific game rcon protocol and allow you to get the output via steaming the services console log directly to the console on our ACPlayer.
Direct Console Input
Just like console manager if the specific application supports direct console manipulation you are able to input all commands to that application directly through our ACPLayer console manager allowing you easy access to the service as if you were running it on your own desktop.
Direct Rcon Input
If the application is incompatible with direct console manipulation we also allow direct rcon communication with the application. Some applications such as Arma and other types do not have a console but allow as rcon protocol to communicate with that application. As long as you enter the rcon password on the web console you are able to input commands directly into the web console of which the output will be streamed via the applications log file to your web console.
Log Viewer
Some applications generate a huge amount of log files and some don't on our ACPLayer we have a nice tidy system that allows you to Stream og files in REAL TIME, View entire log files on the web and download log files onto your machine. All log files are kept aslong as you don't delete them, so you will have the ability to back track trough either the FTP or our log viewer.
Stop / Start / Restart
As you would expect you get full service control on the ACP LAYER and you have the ability to stop, start and restart your service. You also have the ability to schedule all tasks via the schedules tasks section for automated restarts etc...
Schedule Tasks
Every custom script and every function within our control panel has been tied into our Scheduled Tasks to allow you to performed timed tasks such as sheduled restarts, scheduled vehicle creations (DayZ) and much more...
Remote Resintallation
Sometimes things go wrong oop... however with our ACP LAYER you are free to destroy the entire service and just simply reinstall it back to it's original state with the click of a button.
Config Manager
All of the applications default configuration files have been added to the Configuration Manager section of our control panel allowing you easy manipulation of the core files running your service and you don't have to accept the just the default files you are also able to add files to your Configuration Manager by making them favorite items in your file manager.
File Manager
Our file manager allows you quick easy web access to all of your files on your service. You are also able to favorite items so they show in certain sections of the main control panel. We have also added the ability for you to be able to upload large compressed file formats and extract them via the file manager which stops thoes nasty 1000s of file uploads.
Live Sync Update
We have developed our own custom Live Sync Update which allows you to directly keep your service upto date with our master file servers. We keep our files upto date 24/7 so if your service doesn't have ability to steam update don't worry we have our very own Live Sync Update which functions just like the steam update does. Our Live Sync Updates compares your files with our files and only updates the files needed nothing more, making it extremely fast and reliable. You can also schedule our Live Sync Update as much as you want so you can just forget about updating your service and work on much more important things.
Steam Update
If your application supports steam update whether it be by SteamCMD or by the HLDSupdatetool don't worry we have enabled this function on all games that it's available for. If a new game has support for Steam Update we will add the function straight away. You can also schedule Steam Updates so you can worry about playing the game more than updating it.
Punk Buster Update
For the all the games that have Punk Buster support you can live update your Punk Buster files with the click of a button and as always you can schedule this function so you don't have to worry about it again.
Game Tracker Submitter
We have implement Game Tracker into all the games that they support so you can click 1 button and you get all html code and game tracker code on one page. You also get a live game tracker output on the same page so you can verify it's all function correctly.
Switch Game*
Some games in our system can be easily and quickly switched out for another game, for more information on this please contact support for a list of switchable games.
Switch Location
Sometimes the location you ordered is not what you wanted or you may just want to move your service to another location to better suit your needs. Just inform our team and we'll do this move your service an all of it's files to a new location for you without any extra charge or setup fee. You wont loose anything the only thing that will change is your ip address.
Instant Mod Installation
We have a huge range of one click mod installations, such as one click SourceMod installation, One click ULX installations. We have taken addons to a new level with games such as DayZ we have added a huge amount of mods and scripts allowing you to one click install things such as HALO jump, Base Building and so much more. This allows you hassle free service management and we keep all mods upto date with our Live Sync Update ensuring that you always have the latest files installed.
Instant Map Installation
As well as having one click mod installations we also have one click map pack installations so save you the effort of uploading 100s of maps. If you want a new map pack adding to your game type just let our staff know and we'll be more than happy to create it for you.

Status Management

Server Variable Status
You have the ability to see all the server variables live on our services, this is great for when your attempt to ajust the config of your service and you need to see if it has taken affect on the application.
Live Player Status
You get live query updates on our ACP Layer control panel.
Live CPU Status
It's extremely handy to know what your services cpu usage is for two reason mainly, one knowing that we are not overselling the server that your on and two knowing if a certain mod or addon you have installed is using to much cpu. One our ACP layer you get live cpu usage so you can keep track of the cpu usage in real time.
Live Memory Status
The same as live cpu usage we also provide live memory usage so you can keep track of what your service is using in memory. Sometimes you can install addons that can make your service use a huge amount of memory this way you can track it in real time.
Live Bandwidth Status
You also get a live bandwidth usage to show you what your service is currently getting in and out.
Player Graph
All of our live data is also saved onto graphs so you can keep track of times and dates when your service was most popular and when it was not.
CPU Graph
All of our live cpu data is also stored on graphs so you can keep track of your cpu usage as long back from when your service was first created. This is useful for if you detect performance related issues you can see just how many resources your application is using.
Memory Graph
All live memory data is also stored on graphs so you can keep track of this as well ensuring that you can always back track to help diagnose issues related to memory or just for general information.
Bandwidth Graph
All bandwidth data is also stored on graphs so you can keep track of any form of activity in and out of your service.
and much more......
*Feature availability differs on a per game basis.
Game switching is not available for every game.