Can't Join My Standalone Server After A Restart

When restarting a DayZ Standalone server, you may experience delays in joining.
There are a few things to note when restarting a server and experiencing this delay.

When you restart the server or the server is automatically restarted, this service must connected to the central hive.
When the server is connecting to the hive, this process can take a few minutes.

If you are experiencing delays in this server connecting to the hive, this is most likely due to players attempting to join the server while it is still connecting to the hive.

We request that you wait until the server is reporting resources being used via ACP.
The server resources should be reporting such as this;

If you are attempting to join the server before the server has connected to the hive or before the resources are showing live on your server, this will cause further delays in your server connecting to the hive.
Waiting until the server is reporting the resources being used will usually resolve this issue you are experiencing.

Another way to tell if the server is fully connected to the hive and online, is to check the server in the server list to see if the correct time is reporting for the server.
If you are showing the default(8:00) time, then the server is not yet connected to the hive.

Checking both the server status, and the server time in the server list and waiting for both of these to reflect correctly, should resolve the issues you are having with the server restart times.
Please let us know if you still continue to experience these delays in your server restarting, after following these suggestions.

If this is not the case for your server and you are still experiencing issues with these delays, please let us know and we will be happy to run some restart test on your server to confirm this issue is not due to the server connecting to the hive.

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