ArmA3 BEC Admin Control

If you are experiencing issues with your BEC admin working while in game, following these steps will insure this system is working as intended.
Make sure you have your BEC system installed and the admin setup via the Admins.xml file in your Configuration Files tool.
Once you have setup Admin, this xml should reflect this;

In order for you to be able to use the in game Admin commands for BEC, you will need to insure that your server is allowing Global Chat.

To insure your server has Global chat enabled, follow these steps;

Go to your File Manager and search for the "MPMission" Folder and find the current mission you have installed.
If you do not see the mission you are wanting to run in this folder, you will need to manually install the mission or install a mission from our Addon Manager tool.

Once you install a mission on your server, this file will look like this,

From here we will need to download the Mission.
For this example, we will use the Altis Life Mission that is listed here after installing from the Addon Manager.
You will also need a PBO managing tool to review the mission files.

Once you have downloaded the mission from the server and you have the PBO file opened on your PC, you will see the "Description.ext" file.
This file contains the allowed channels for your server, we will ensure that the Global Chat channel is enabled.

In this file we can see that the Global channel is disabled;

After enableing the Global Channel, this will reflect as such;
0 = Global 1 = Side 2 = Command 3 = Group 4 = Vehicle 5 = Direct 6 = System
Once you have enabled the global channel, repack your PBO and upload this PBO back to your MPMission folder.

Restart your server and you will now have access to the Global chat chennel.
Now that you have this access, you can use the BEC admin commands via the Global chat.

The following commands are just some of the commands that can be used as a BEC admin.
To review further commands simply type #help in global chat and this will list more inforamtion. You can use the Page up/ Page down keys to scroll the help menu.

    # Bec commands
    kid |___. same as kick and ban but. used beid insetead of names !kid 0, !bid 3 , Use "#beclient players" to get hold of the Id. DO NOT USE "#USERLIST" thats a diffrent thing.
    bid |
    # Commands that can be set to group 100 for public use are:
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