How To Add Mods to Your ARK Server

Please note, we provide very limited support for custom mods.  Please ensure you read the directions provided by the mod developer. 

Also Note: These steps expect that you have already subscribed to the mod via Steam and run ARK after.  This downloads the mod to your PC.  You can then get the files to upload from your ARK install folder: ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods

1. Connect to your server via FTP.
2. Navigate to the following folder: ShooterGame/Content/Mods (If the Mods folder does not exist you need to create it)
3. Upload the mod
4. Navigate to ACP and click Commandline Manager

5. Select the Custom Commandlines tab and click New

6. Enter anything you want for the description. However, since you can only run 1 mod at a time it could be helpful to enter the mod name here. 
7. Check the box next to Map and Mod ID

8. In the Map field enter: /Game/Mods/123456/ModName
  NOTE: Replace 123456 with the name of the folder you uploaded.  It is normally a 9 digit number.  Replace ModName with the name of the mod.  If you look in the folder you uploaded you will find a .umap file. Normally the name of this file is what you use for ModName (without .umap on the end)

9. In the Mod ID field enter the Steam Workshop mod ID.  This is normally the same name as the folder you uploaded. 

10. Click Save and click the Select link next to the new commandline. 

11. Restart your server.
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