How to Install a New Map an Mission for Exile

When installing a Map it is similar to adding a client side addon. I am going to be using Esseker as an example.

Step 1 - Adding the files to the server:
- Upload the @Esseker folder to the root of your server.
- Inside the @Esseker folder is a keys folder an inside that is a key that you need to upload to your keys folder in the root of your server.

Step 1a - This is for Esseker only if you are adding something else this will not apply:

Now the above is done you also need to download AiA Terrain Pack as this is a requirement for Esseker.
You can do this by going into the addon manager and installing "All In Arma Terrain Pack v1.4.1"

Step 2 - Adding the Map to the start up of your server:
- You can do this by going into your server manager found in your control panel (Image Below)

- Now you have found the server manager you need to select advanced in the Access Level. This will then give you more options like the image below:

- Now for the example I have been doing you would need to do something like the image below:

Step 3 - Adding a mission file to the server:
- You need to upload your custom mission PBO to this directory - vilayercodecustom\missions\custom_pbo\
- Once you have done the above you need to set the server to load that mission.
- You can do this in the servers main config.

Example of Config Edit:

// MISSIONS CYCLE (see below)
class Missions
class Exile {
template = custompboname.esseker; <----- On this line you can see you need to add the name of your pbo but with out the .pbo
difficulty = "ExileRegular";

Now you have done all the above an if you were adding Esseker it should now load.
For any other maps follow the guide above an it should give you a good idea of what you need to do.

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