How to Install InfiSTAR for Exile

How to install InfiSTAR to Exile (Guide based on Altis Mission)

Note - You will need this program "Eliteness" -

Step 1:
Uploading the BattlEye filters to your server.
In the InfiSTAR download will be a folder named BattleEye this needs to be uploaded to your server.
It needs to be uploaded into your "MasterConfiguration" Folder found in the root of your server.

Step 2:
 Editing the InfiSTAR config to add a Admin.

Open the file "EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.sqf" found in "SERVER_ARMA3_FOLDER\@infiSTAR_Exile\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile"
Now you are in that file you need to search for this line "_adminUIDandAccess ="

An below you will find the access arrays for InfiSTAR now to add a UID it looks like the image below:

Step 3: Compiling the InfiSTAR files into a PBO file.

In the note above there is a program that needs to be downloaded this is Eliteness.
Eliteness is used to complie your PBO all you need to do is load the Eliteness.exe then it will open the program.

Now on the left locate to this folder - "\SERVER_ARMA3_FOLDER\@infiSTAR_Exile\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile"
Should look something like the image below:

Now that is done you need to press the red an yellow button in the tool bar.

Step 4: Uploading InfiSTAR an configuration.

Now you need to upload the folder - "@infiSTAR_Exile" to the root of your server

Now that is done it needs to be added to the -servermods of the server.

This can be done in the server manager of the server found on your ACP.

When you open the server manager it needs to be set to access level advanced then more options will appear.

Finally add @infiSTAR_Exile to the -servermods line an execute the server manager.

Step 5: Uploading InfiSTAR mission file extras an configuring description.ext

The two files found in the MPmissions folder of the InfiSTAR release need to be uploaded to the mission folder of the server.

For my example I am using altis so the files need to be uploaded here "vilayercodecustom\missions\exile_altis"

Finally editing the description.ext file found in this location "vilayercodecustom\missions\exile_altis"

At the bottom of the file you need to delete this:

class CfgRemoteExec
       class Functions
           mode = 1;
           jip = 0;
           class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=2; };
       class Commands

An then add these lines at the bottom of the file:

#include "infiSTAR_Exile_AdminMenu.hpp"
#include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp"

Now save the file an you have successfully added InfiSTAR to your server.

To load the admin menu ingame press F1

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