How to install ULX admin system on your server


To install ULX on your server, follow these steps:

1. Log into the TCAdmin control panel here.

2. Navigate to the server you want to add ULX admin to and click on Mod Manager.

3. Here you will see ULX availalble to install.

4. To install them simply click Install next to it.

5. Restart your server.

Now if you want to make yourself superadmin on the server do the following:

1. Connect to the web console by click on Web Console on the ACP.

2. Enter your RCON password.

3. Enter the command: ulx adduser <username> superadmin ##
You need to change <username> to the username you use in game and ## to the immunity you want (The larger the number means you can kick players with lower immunity if you add additional admins)

Here are rest of available commands: (you can view these in the web console using the ulx help command)
Category: Fun
ulx armor <players> <armor: 0<=x<=255> - Sets the armor for target(s). (say: !armor)
ulx blind <players> [<amount: 0<=x<=255, default 255>] - Blinds target(s). (say: !blind) (opposite: ulx unblind)
ulx cloak [<players, defaults t self>] [<amount: 0<=x<=255, default 255>] - Cloaks target(s). (say: !cloak) (opposite: ulx uncloak)
ulx freeze <players> - Freezes target(s). (say: !freeze) (opposite: ulx unfreeze)
ulx god [<players, defaults t self>] - Grants god mode t target(s). (say: !god) (opposite: ulx ungod)
ulx hp <players> <hp: 1<=x<=2147483647> - Sets the hp for target(s). (say: !hp)
ulx ignite <players> [<seconds: 1<=x<=300, default 300>] - Ignites target(s). (say: !ignite) (opposite: ulx unignite)
ulx jail <players> [<seconds, 0 is forever: 0<=x, default 0>] - Jails target(s). (say: !jail) (opposite: ulx unjail)
ulx jailtp <player> [<seconds, 0 is forever: 0<=x, default 0>] - Teleports, then jails target(s). (say: !jailtp)
ulx maul <players> - Maul target(s). (say: !maul)
ulx playsound <sound> - Plays a sound (relative t sound dir).
ulx ragdoll <players> - ragdolls target(s). (say: !ragdoll) (opposite: ulx unragdoll)
ulx slap <players> [<damage: 0<=x, default 0>] - Slaps target(s) with given damage. (say: !slap)
ulx slay <players> - Slays target(s). (say: !slay)
ulx sslay <players> - Silently slays target(s). (say: !sslay)
ulx strip <players> - Strip weapons from target(s). (say: !strip)
ulx unigniteall - Extinguishes all players and all entities. (say: !unigniteall)
ulx whip <players> [<times: 2<=x<=100, default 10>] [<damage: 0<=x, default 0>] - Slaps target(s) x times with given damage each time. (say: !whip)

Category: Rcon
ulx cexec <players> {command} - Run a command on console of target(s). (say: !cexec)
ulx ent <classname> [{<flag>:<value>}] - Spawn an ent, separate flag and value with ':'.
ulx exec <file> - Execute a file from the cfg directory on the server.
ulx luarun {command} - Executes lua in server console. (Use '=' for output)
ulx rcon {command} - Execute command on server console. (say: !rcon)

Category: User Management
ulx addgroup <group> [<inherits from>] - Create a new group with optional inheritance.
ulx adduser <player> <group> - Add a user t specified group.
ulx adduserid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <group> - Add a user by ID t specified group.
ulx groupallow <group> <command> [<access tag>] - Add t a group's access.
ulx groupdeny <group> <command> - Remove from a group's access.
ulx removegroup <group> - Removes a group. USE WITH CAUTION.
ulx removeuser <player> - Permanently removes a user's access.
ulx removeuserid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> - Permanently removes a user's access by ID.
ulx renamegroup <current group> <new group> - Renames a group.
ulx setgroupcantarget <group> [<target string>] - Sets what a group is allowed t target
ulx userallow <player> <command> [<access tag>] - Add t a user's access.
ulx userallowid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <command> [<access tag>] - Add t a user's access.
ulx userdeny <player> <command> [<remove explicit allow or deny instead of outright denying: 0/1>] - Remove from a user's access.
ulx userdenyid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <command> [<remove explicit allow or deny instead of outright denying: 0/1>] - Remove from a user's access.
ulx usermanagementhelp - See the user management help.

Category: Utility
ulx ban <player> [<minutes, 0 for perma: 0<=x, default 0>] [{reason}] - Bans target. (say: !ban)
ulx banid <steamid> [<minutes, 0 for perma: 0<=x, default 0>] [{reason}] - Bans steamid.
ulx debuginf - Dump some debug information.
ulx help - Shows this help.
ulx kick <player> [{reason}] - Kicks target. (say: !kick)
ulx map <map> [<gamemode>] - Changes map and gamemode. (say: !map)
ulx noclip [<players, defaults t self>] - Toggles noclip on target(s). (say: !noclip)
ulx resettodefaults [<string>] - Resets ALL ULX and ULib configuration!
ulx spectate <player> - Spectate target. (say: !spectate)
ulx unban <steamid> - Unbans steamid.
ulx wh - See information about currently online users.

Category: Chat
ulx asay {message} - Send a message t currently connected admins. (say: @)
ulx csay {message} - Send a message t everyone in the middle of their screen. (say: @@@)
ulx gag <players> - Gag target(s), disables microphone. (say: !gag) (opposite: ulx ungag)
ulx gimp <players> - Gimps target(s) s they are unable t chat normally. (say: !gimp) (opposite: ulx ungimp)
ulx mute <players> - Mutes target(s) s they are unable t chat. (say: !mute) (opposite: ulx unmute)
ulx psay <player> {message} - Send a private message t target. (say: !p)
ulx thetime - Shows you the server time. (say: !thetime)
ulx tsay {message} - Send a message t everyone in the chat box. (say: @@)

Category: Voting
ulx stopvote - Stops a vote in progress. (say: !stopvote)
ulx vet - Vet a successful votemap. (say: !veto)
ulx vote <title> {options} - Starts a public vote. (say: !vote)
ulx voteban <player> [<minutes: 0<=x, default 1440>] [{reason}] - Starts a public ban vote against target. (say: !voteban)
ulx votekick <player> [{reason}] - Starts a public kick vote against target. (say: !votekick)
ulx votemap [{map}] - Vote for a map, n args lists available maps. (say: !votemap)
ulx votemap2 {map} - Starts a public map vote. (say: !votemap2)

Category: Teleport
ulx bring <player> - Brings target t you. (say: !bring)
ulx got <player> - Got target. (say: !goto)
ulx return [<player, defaults t self>] - Returns target t last position before a teleport. (say: !return)
ulx send <player> <player> - Got target. (say: !send)
ulx teleport [<player, defaults t self>] - Teleports target. (say: !tp)

Category: Menus
ulx motd - Show the message of the day. (say: !motd)
xgui <show, hide, toggle> - Opens and/or closes XGUI. (say: !xgui, !menu) (alias: ulx menu)
xgui fban <player> - Opens the add ban window, freezes the specified player, and fills out the Name/SteamID automatically. (say: !fban)
xgui xban <player> - Opens the add ban window and fills out Name/SteamID automatically if a player was specified. (say: !xban)

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