Upgrading Slots

This article explains how to upgrade the amount of slots for you game server. 

1) Login to the client layer (http://www.vilayer.com) at the top of the page.

2) Now you need to click on My Services at the top of the page where the login box was before, then click on View Details next to the server you wish to upgrade the slots on.

3) On the top menu you should see an option called Manage Actions - Upgrade /  Downgrade Options. You can then click this to go to the screen to edit your servers slots and other editable settings.
You might find some games do not have this option enabled and you will need to contact support to let them know it needs enabling.

4) Now you can change the slots, Location Routing, Process Priority and Server Branding. Click continue after you have selected your changes and then you will be given a checkout preview of what the upgrade / downgrade will/might cost.
You can then pay the invoice on the system and once the invoice has been paid the system will automaticly update your slots and changes to the server. You might have to restart your service for the changes to take place after you pay.

Once paid your invoice will state in the top corner that is has been paid, if you notice that your service has not changed then please contact support and ask them to check for you.

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