Creating Sub Users

----------Sub-User Creation----------

Creating Sub users in the control panel is a relatively simple process.
First you will need to log into your ACP and find the User Management section on the left side of the panel.

You will click on the Create Sub User icon text.

Enter the desired username and passwod. 

After creating the username and password you will see that there are 2 more tabs at the top of that window... a Profile tab ( this is for detailed information about the user for your records.

Also you will see a tab "Game/Voice Services Permissions". This is where you will select the services you wish this user to have access to.

There is a drop down at the top titled "Service", this is where you will select the service you wish to give that user access to.
Below this is the features list,  this is where you will select the permissions the user will have for that service.

You must check each box that you wish to add access to for that user.
The first box being the most important "Access to this service"

 You may add access to each server you have (if more than one) at this time.
When you have finished giving the permissions simply hit the save button at the top left of the screen and you have successfully created a sub user.
You will give your new user a link to the control panel.
And the user name and password you have created for them.
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