HowTo - Enable/Disable Global and Side Chat

If you want to change which chat options you have ingame you will need to open the "File Manager" and navigate to the following location;
File Manager > \vilayercodecustom\missions\dayz.YOUCHOSENMAP\description.ext
File Manager > \vilayercodecustom\missions\epoch.YOUCHOSENMAP\description.ext
Click on the pencil icon () and then you will be shown the contents of the file

In the file you will find near the top of the file a line that reads;

To enable the channels you need to remove the corrisponding channel id.
To disable a channel you add the corrisponding channel id.

Channel ID's
0 = Global
1 = Side
2 = Command
3 = Group
4 = Vehicle
5 = Direct
6 = System
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