Server Logs Explained

The server logs can be quiet scary and hard to understand, reading this will help you understand some of the errors you might come across when running your DayZ server.

If  you login to the control panel and on your server click on Log Viewer ()
In this screen the main files you will be looking for are as follows;

This file shows all of your database queries from your game server to your database. If should be passing lots of infomation when the server has players on it, it will be static if there are no active players.
If you see this passing through the database then the MySQL databaes should be working without any problems
2013-08-15 23:05:17 HiveExt: [Information] HiveExt efcd2445476f
2013-08-15 23:05:17 Database: [Information] Connected to MySQL database client ver: 5.5.28 server ver: 5.5.25a
2013-08-15 23:05:17 Database: [Information] Connected to MySQL database client ver: 5.5.28 server ver: 5.5.25a
2013-08-14 23:05:17 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 307 Params:
2013-08-14 23:05:17 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["PASS",[2013,8,14,22,5]]
2013-08-14 23:05:17 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 999 Params: select b.class_name, ib.worldspace from instance_building ib join building b on ib.building_id = where ib.instance_id = ?:[11001]:

If you see this or a simular error message then it means the password being used to connect to the database is wrong. This usually means that the database password has been changed outside of the control panel.
2013-08-15 23:21:36 HiveExt: [Information] HiveExt efcd2445476f
2013-08-15 23:21:36 Database: [Error] Error 1045 (Access denied for user 'dayz'@'' (using password: YES)) in connect

To fix this issue to will need to run the "Change Database Password" () feature on the control panel to reset this. Once you have clicked on the icon, check that the default settings are correct in on the form and then simply hit Execute in the top left courner.

This file is the main output of your server. This one is hard to understand because although it might be outputting errors, this can sometimes be standard in dayz.
If you think you are having a problem with your game server, open the "Log Viewer" and click on "Stream File"
You will get window popup like the one below, if this is spamming the window so quickly that you cannot read it, try to get a snippit of the file and then submit it with some infomation in a ticket to support.

If your ARMA2OASERVER.RPT is blank then this means your server might not have even started.

This file is the output from the servers console window. It has a delayed write to the log file so it can take 3-4minutes before you see anything populate this log file.

This is the error output log from BEC, if you have a configuration error this will display what file is currently causing BEC not to load or work on your server.
Below is an example of what this file will look like if there is a configuation error in the "admins.xml" file.
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