Scheduled Daily Restarts: How To

If you are looking to have your server restart at a set time of the day then this is the guide for you!

1) You need to login to the ACP (
2) We need to check that the timezone set on your ACP profile is correct so click on My Profile on the left handside.
Now at the bottom of the page you can select your timezone, select the correct one for your location and then click save at the top.

Timezone HowTo

3) Navigate to your main server control panel page.
4) Select the Scheduled Task Tab

5) Click New, Select Scheduled Restart from the dropdown, click New to confirm.

6) Give Your Scheduled Restart a name, then select the restart type;
One Time = Do not use this for daily restarts.
Daily = This will run every day at the time you select.
Weekly = This will run once a week on the day/time that you select.
Monthly = This will run once a month on the day/time that you select.

You then need to pick a date and time for your restart to use, press the Calander/Clock icons for a popup;

Select how often you would like the restart to Recur. (Repeat Every:  is how often you want the server to restart, entering 4, will make
the server restart every 4 hours, etc)

The next step is optional, you can choose if you would like the task to be repeated. This allows you to have one restart each day happen multiple times rather than just once a day.
So on the Repeat Every box, you need to select how often the task will be repeated, so if you select 6 hours then every six hours from the time you have selected the server will run this restart.
Note: You must have For: set to 24Hours or the restart will stop repeating itself before the day has finished.

Click Save and you are good to go. Your restarts are now setup.


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