A Beginners Guide To The Vilayer Clan Package

If you have just purchased or are interested in our Clan Community Package - http://www.vilayer.com/game-servers/standard-game-packages.html - Then this guide will take you through and show you how it works and the features it offers.
1) You need to login to the ACP (http://acp.vilayer.com)
2) You will be logged in to a page that looks like the picture below; From this screen you can manage Users, Roles, Viewing and Creating Servers. The first thing to know is that your user account you have been given is your Master Account, so before we start creating game servers we need to make a normal user that the server can be installed to. This allows you down the line to issue these servers to your community admins or allow other people to have sub admin accounts with limited access. The first thing we are going to do is create a role, you do this by clicking "Create a Role"

3) When creating the first role for your users you will need to give this a name, the best and most simple is "User" and then make sure you also tick "Enable" or you will not be able to assign users to the role.
The last thing to do is pick what you would like that group to have access to, the best option is to tick all option accept for the Support option, as we use the Client Layer for support.
When you are done click save and you can then proceed to create your first user account.

4) You now need to click on "Create a User", and then filling the following details;
User Name - The name your servers will be installed to
Role - Select the one we made in the previous step "User"
Password - Select a nice strong password and then keep it safe somewhere.
Status - You can use this to enable/disable access to the user account. Best leave this active
Billing ID - Leave this blank, if you somehow put an id of a vilayer client in here and they dont pay their bill your server will be terminated along with theres.
Billing Status - Leave this as active.

You can if you wish go to the profile tab at the top and then fill in the details for your user. I would make sure as a minimum that you put a valid email in there so that you get ACP notifications about any issues or updates from vilayer.
Then click save.

5) Now you are ready to create your first game. Select "Create A Service" and follow this to begin setting up your server;
Select Exsisting User and then you need to pick your new created user from the drop down list.
Then you need to click on Create A Service

You can now select the following options for your game server;
Package - Select your community clan package from the drop down list. This will show how many slots you have remaining on your package.
Location - You can pick from any of our locations to install your server, we are sometimes out of stock in certain locations. If you have any questions the avaliabilty then please open a support ticket and check.
Application Type - You can pick from our massive library of games. If we do not have a game you would like then please ask one of our staff about it.
Slots - Select the numbe of slots you would like to have on your game server. Please Note: Some games have a 30 slot minimum size due to resources, these are listed on the Clan Package page.
Do not Tick "PRIVATE" you will get errors and problems on your server if you do so. You can still password later on a public server.
Billing ID - Once again please leave this blank or your server could be terminated by mistake as this is used by vilayer.
Hostname - This is the name of your server you are creating, you can change this later in the ACP.
Rcon Password - This doenst apply to all games but you are requred to enter a password in this feild.

Click Create and allow the server to start provisioning, I would advise not closing the window whilst the server is creating so you know when you can start editing it.

6) Next you will want to create sub-users who can then manage your account, the following explains this without any pictures for the time being;
Creating Sub users in the control panel is a relatively simple process.
First you will need to log into your ACP and find the User Management section on the left side of the panel.

You will click on the Create Sub User icon text.
Next you will see a tab at the top left of the new window with the word "NEW", click new and you will then enter the users information.
After creating the username and password you will see that there are 2 more tabs at the top of that window... a Profile tab ( this is for detailed information about the user for your records.

Also you will see a tab "Game/Voice Services Permissions "
This is where you will select the services you wish this user to have access to.

There is a drop down at the top titled "Service", this is where you will select the service you wish to give that user access to.
Below this is the features list,  this is where you will select the permissions the user will have for that service.

You must check each box that you wish to add access to for that user.
The first box being the most important "Access to this service"

You may add access to each server you have (if more than one) at this time.
When you have finished giving the permissions simply hit the save button at the top left of the screen and you have successfully created a sub user.
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