Arma3:DayZ Package How do I Update My Server

To update your server you will need to do the following steps using the Live Sync Update within the ACP;
1) You need to login to the ACP (
2) You will see on your DayZ Package server there is a button called "Live Sync Update". Press this and you will be taken to the upgrade screen.

3) Now you need do go through the drop down menus for the mods and select what you would like to update;
The first drop down is for the Arma2 Beta, Select yes and then the version you would like to install (This is Optional But Recommended)

Next you need need to select the map you are updating, please make sure you pick the correct map/mod you are updating. Note: If you are running any of the maps with Epoch, please only pick Epoch.

Now you can select the version, vilayer only supports the most upto date version of a released mod, if you wish to roll back or run an older version then you will be responsible for maintaining the files and server yourself.

Now you can pick if you want to update your filters, we recommend doing this if you are upgrading your server to a new version. If you are just refreshing your files then you can leave this blank.
Lastly, you need to tick the warning box. This simply tells you that it will be deleting the "VILAYERCUSTOMCODE" folder which contains your old server code, if you have custom scripts then please back them up and save them for reinstalling afterwards. (NOTE: Not all scripts will be compatable after the update, please check with the developer of the scripts that nothing has chagned)

4) Now you must let this window run through fully, it can take 10-60 minites to update depending on the size of the files and the amount of people all updating there servers. Please be pacient and if you have any problems please contact support who will help check your server after an update.
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