Adding and running a Mod

Once you've downloaded your Arma 3 Mod, first you will need to get the mod on the server.

In this tutorial I will be using an example mod called @A3mod.

The best way to upload the mod to your server is to use an FTP client.

You need to login to the ACP (

2) locate your servers FTP address on the control panel homepage:

3) upload the @mod to the main directory of the server's FTP address. I use the FTP client called FileZilla. Fill in the username and password with the information you received in your email.

Your root directory should looks something like this;

Next we need to get the server to run the mod.

Navigate to the CommandLine Manager.

2) Click New.

3) Now we need to fill in the list.

-Set up a description with a name based on the mods your using.

Tick the Mod box, in the text field add the folder name of the mod your using e.g. @A3mod;
If your using multiple mods add a semicolon after each mod ( ; ) e.g. @A3mod;@A3mod2;

Tick the mission to select the mission the server will start with, or use the mission cycle located in the config files, (instructions located in the 'Adding and running a mission' Knowlage base article).

Note: Remember that most mods require players who join your server to also have the mods installed, so you might want to mention that in the server title.
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