Adding and running a mission

Once you've downloaded your Arma 3 Mission, you will need to get the mission on the server.

How to upload a Mission File to the server.

Method 1 - File Manager

Navigate to the File manager section of your Control panel.

Upload the mission to the "vilayercodecustom\mission\custom_pbo" folder, using the upload button just bellow the blue bar.

Method 2 - FTP Client

Please see this article on how to setup your FTP Client to connect:

Navigate to your "vilayercodecustom\mission\custom_pbo" folder and upload your mission here.

Why do you upload the mission to this folder?

We use this file structure because quite often people attempt to overwrite a mission in the MpMissions folder which can't be accesed while the server is running, also we have a very sophisticated backend which allows users to both have auto install mods / missions and or upload their own.

How do I make my server run the mission?

Go into the configuration files and text editor for server.cfg

Mission Cycle
At the bottom of your server.cfg you have a section where you can pre-load your missions for when the server starts up. Take the name of the mission file you just placed in the folder and put it in the mission cycle section. Below is an example

  • If the mission file you downloaded was called "Mission1.Altis.pbo
    " then you would put in the mission cycle section
    class Missions{
        class Wasteland

    Take note that you do not put the ".pbo" on the end of the map template. The .Altis at the end of the map name tells the server what map the server is going to use, the first part is just the name of the mission you are going to play.

If its left blank, on server startup people will be able to vote for a map of their choice, rather than the one you want.


How do I add multiple missions to cycle through?
Well, the same as above, but with multiple mission classes.


class Missions{
    class Mission1     {         template="Mission1.Altis";         difficulty="Regular";     };
   class Mission2     {         template="Mission2.Altis";         difficulty="Regular";     };
    class Mission3     {         template="Mission3.Altis";         difficulty="Regular";     };
    class Mission4     {         template="Mission4.Altis";         difficulty="Regular";     }


Can I have different maps in the mission cycle?
Yes, you can cycle between different maps, I.e. Altis, Stratis and Virtual Reality.

Can I have missions that require different mods?
Yes, but you need to initialize all the mods via the CommandLine Manager, you can't turn mods on and off without
restarting the server.

Can I have different difficulties?
Yes, set them per mission.

What happens if I leave the mission section blank?
When players join they will be able to vote for missions in your MPMission folder. (If you're logged in as Admin you can force a particular mission)
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