Running Arma/Altis Life

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Install Atlis Life on your Arma 3 server using the Addon Manager on your control panel. Next you will need to get a MYSQL from us.

We offer a MySQL product in our TCAdmin that costs €3 for a full access database. You get the root user and password to the box allowing you to setup as many databases as you require. It is setup in your ACP control panel and then you can use an external tool to manage it, we recommend a free tool called HeidiSQL.

To aquire the MYSQL server required for running Altis Life, you just need to order one using this link bellow;

Once it creates the order, you just need to pay it the normal way, then your mysql details will be sent to you in an email, which is accessable here:

If you installed Altis life before you got the MYSQL server, you will need to update your Database.txt file located in the configuration editor.

Once your MYSQL server has been provisioned, you will need to run the Import Schemas button as explained in the notification you should of received.

Recommended: Create a new database USER with the following permissions SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,EXECUTE,TRIGGER,EVENT and replace the root in the databases.txt with that new user's name. This is for security reasons.


Getting the Error:   ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@***** (using password: YES)

Reset Root Password
Run the Reset password button on the MYSQL control panel, make sure the password is the same as you are using to connect. (the one in the database.txt file)

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