Setting up Reserved Slots with BEC

How to setup Reserved Slots with BEC (Battleye Extended Controls).

To do this, you need to have BEC installed via the Addon Manager. Addon Manager
Simply hit "Install" on BEC and it will be added to your server within a few minutes.
Warning: This will restart your server!

Once BEC has been installed, navigate back to your main Control Panel Page and click on
the Configuration Files button available to you. Configuration Files You'll now see several new file options


  • Admins.xml
  • BadNames.txt
  • BadWords.txt
  • bec_config.cfg
  • Commands.xml
  • Scheduler.xml
  • Whitelist.txt

The files you need for reserved slots are Admins.xml and bec_config.cfg.
First, open bec_config.cfg with "Text Editor" and scroll down to find "SlotLimit = -1" it's about halfway down.
As the large amount of commented code explains, the SlotLimit is basically the number of Public Slots.
If you have a 60 Slot server, and you set the SlotLimit to 50, this will give you 10 reserved slots.

You can also set a kick message once your server reaches the maximum amount of Public Slots. The message
can be a maximum of 50 Characters the rest of the message will be cut off. To change it, just below SlotLimit = -1 you'll
see SlotLimitKickMsg = The Server has reached its player limit. This is the default message.

Once you've made your changes, Save the bec_config.cfg

How do I make it so I can use reserved slots?
For this you'll need to open Admins.xml this looks a little bit more complicated than it is.
By Default it will be set to this:
Admins.xml Example

You need:
  1. Their Name (Does not have to be the exact same as their in-game name)
  2. Their GUID
  3. What you want for GroupName.

Once you have their name and guid, you can add them.
I recommend that if you only want to give them access to reserved slots, that you add them to Group 3, as this will give them
no powers to run BEC commands (Such as #kick).
Be certain not to put the GroupName as anything bad, when a user joins the server that is set in the Admins.xml it will say for example:
Noob Admin alfred has joined the server.
To add more people, add more <admin id=""> tags, like this:
Admins.xml Example2

Once you've done your changes, be sure to click save! And make sure that your id="" goes up in order. 0,1,2,3,4 otherwise BEC will not work!

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