How do I pay for my service?

How do I pay for my service?

I have an invoice, how do I know what it's for?

The first thing you'll notice when you have an invoice it will appear as a red 1 next to Billing at the top of the page.

You can click on Billing and go to My Invoices

Then you should be able to click on View Invoice to have a look at a what the invoice is for.

This should show you an invoice like this:

You now have two options for initial payment, Subscribe with PayPal and Checkout with PayPal both of which do different things.

- Requires PayPal Account, creates subscription (Depending on billing cycle) if you are on a monthly
billing cycle this will automatically (If Funds Available) send payment for your server each month, if on a Quarterly cycle, it will send it every
3 months etc.

- Does not require PayPal Account although you can pay with PayPal if you want to login. This is the option
you can use if you want to use your Debit/Credit/Visa etc card without logging in or creating a PayPal account. Clicking this option
will give you the ability to enter your card info or login to PayPal at the next stage to complete purchase. This does not create a subscription,
so you need to make sure you keep an eye out for invoice emails (We will send several reminders if you're overdue). Alternatively you can
add Credit Balance to your account.

What is Credit Balance and What is it used for?
Credit Balance is a virtual currency attached to your ViLayer client account. This is automatically used to pay for invoices as soon as they're generated
if an invoice for your $10USD server is going to be created tomorrow, if you add $10USD to your Credit Balance today, it will be gone tomorrow and
the invoice will be marked paid.

Any overcharges are applied to your Credit Balance. I.e. Your server is $30USD and you pay $50USD your server will be paid for and you will have a $20USD
Credit Balance.

How do I add Credit Balance?

At the top of the page you will see

In the red boxes these 2 links will take you to the Add Funds page.
The minimum and maximum amounts you're able to add are listed on that page.

Enter the amount you wish to add and click Add Funds
Once you've done that you will receive an invoice for the amount you entered. Then make payment
for this invoice the same way you pay for services. I'd suggest with regular PayPal and not a subscription.
Once the invoice has been paid, you will see that you have Credit Balance at the top of the page.

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