Don't see an Article you need?

You came to the knowledge base and didn't see an article you would have found helpful?
That's really bad :(

If you'd like us to write one, please submit a support ticket in General Support with the Subject;

"I need a Knowledgebase Article

In the support ticket please include the following;

  1. The Service it's related to, i.e. Game Servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS, WebHosting, Teamspeak? etc
  2. The Specific Game Service if it's a Game server. GMod, Arma 3, DayZ Standalone? etc
  3. Specifically what you think the article needs to be about. i.e. How to install a plugin, or how to change a map on that game? etc

Please allow us time to write this article, in most cases this will be classified as a low priority, however we'll ofcourse be happy to answer you via your ticket
to help you to do what you're after, a more detailed article will take some time to finish.

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