I want to run a coop server.

Insurgency - I want to run a coop server!

There are a few things you need to make sure you've got correct first.
Insurgency Bots require an actual player slot on the server. If you want to run a 22 Bot and 8 Player Coop Server. You need a 30 Slot Server.
8 Slot servers will not work for coop.

You can upgrade your server to however many slots you need via your client area by following this knowledgebase article;

The next thing you need to do is login to the ACP Layer and navigate to your server.

Click on CommandLine Manager

Click Select for the Cooperative Commandline in the Predefined Commandlines tab.

You should now see this;

Change the Startup map to mapname_coop if the Startup map is not an _coop map, the server will not be coop.

Once you've done this, click Apply

Click Cancel to go back to the main Control Panel.

Restart your server

Join the game and check if you're now playing Coop.
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