Automated Payments: How To

How to setup Automated Payments

Don't want to worry about having to pay for your server each month, or worry about server suspention due to overdue invoices?
Well that's fine because we can help you setup automatic methods of payment.

Method 1 - Credit Balance

If you have Credit Balance and an invoice is generated for your server, it will be instantly paid for by the credit balance
aslong as the credit balance covers the cost.

Credit Balance is a nice way to Pay Early because you know the server's invoice will be covered by the amount in your Credit Balance.
If you have a $10.00 server, and add $10.00 to your
Credit Balance 2 weeks before the invoice is generated, then at the end of the
month you'll have $0.00 Credit Balance and the server will be paid for.

How do I add Credit Balance?

At the top of the page you will see

In the red boxes these 2 links will take you to the Add Funds page.
The minimum and maximum amounts you're able to add are listed on that page.
You can deposit multiple times, the maximum is per deposit.

Note: Credit Balance is non-Refundable.

Enter the amount you wish to add and click Add Funds
Once you've done that you will receive an invoice for the amount you entered. Then make payment
for this invoice the same way you pay for services. I'd suggest with regular PayPal and not a subscription.
Once the invoice has been paid, you will see that you have Credit Balance at the top of the page.

Method 2 - PayPal Subscription (Requires PayPal Account)

This is a very simple method, when an invoice is generated you are presented with 3 ways of paying it, Credit Balance,
Check out with PayPal and Subscribe with PayPal.
Click Subscribe with PayPal and make your payment. Now, PayPal
will send ViLayer these funds each time your server needs paying.

Note: If you cancel your service with ViLayer, you need to manually cancel this subscription in your PayPal account.

Follow this Knowledgebase on how to cancel a PayPal subscription:
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