Scheduled Messages: Restart Warnings

1) Before we install BEC you need to run the "Current Server Time & Timezone" button in the ACP. Take not of the time on the server as you will
     need to Offset the time in your BEC setup later on as some of our servers have a different timezone set on them.

6) Now you need to click on Addon Manager and install Battle Extended Controls (BEC), once this has installed you
will need to open the Configuration Files and open the Bec_Config.cfg 
You can configure and change your settings
for your install of BEC in here. Remember when you have finished editing to click Save.

Note: Please make sure that you do not edit anything in the Top Section regarding your IP, Port, BePath, Admins,
Commands, LogDir. This is important as it will break your BEC install on our systems.

Note: For DayZ servers running BEC you need to find the line #Scheduler = Scheduler.xml and remove the # from
the beginning of it for it to work.

7) Now you need to open in the "Configuration Files" scheduler.xml
The best way to understand how BEC works is to visit their website and have a look through there setup and configuration guide which can be found here -
For this guide we are going to look at just getting scheduled messages setup. You will need work out the time that your server is running and what your time currently is so that you can offset the scheduler if you require the server to restart using your timezone.(This is why we checked the time a few steps back)

The time is set in the example below to go off at 11:55am, you do this by setting the time to 11:55:00 (hh:mm:ss). You can have messages go off every 10 minites if you rather by setting the time to 001000 (hhmmss), it is the same as setting an exact time but you dont put the ':' seperater in the time.

You need to make sure that the Job ID always starts at 0 and increments by +1 each time like in the example below, if you do not do this BEC will not work.

Trouble Shooting Issues
If you find that BEC will not start, then open your filemanager and navigate to the following directory;

Check any txt files in this folder and it should give you an exact error to why BEC is not starting, whether it be "bans.txt missing from your battleye folder"
or "misconfigured bec_config.cfg"
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