ArmA2 DayZ Package VilayerCodeCustom Reset

If you have modified your server with third party addons and you are now experience issues with your server running, and you would like to reset your server back to to default, this is the method you would use;

Log into your server's ACP and you will see a "Code Manager" tool. Open this tool and you will see a drop down menu. This menu has 3 options available.

Backup VilayerCodeCustom
Restore VilayerCodeCustom
Reinstall VilaerCodeCustom

If you have previously saved a working copy of the VilayerCodeCustom folder, you can upload this folder by clicking the "Restore VilayerCodeCustom" option.

If you have not saved a working copy of the VilayerCodeCustom, then the restore option would not work for you.

Reinstalling the VilayderCodeCustom will complete reset your PBO files located in the File Manager, as if you have just installed the server.

If you are using third party addons and you are experiencing issues with your server operating correctly, make sure to install each script one at a time, making sure the server is running as intended after each install.
This will help you determine what script is causing the isseues you may be experiencing.
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