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Monthly News August 2017!

Hello, So we've been in the process of completely revamping our site and infrastructure bringing VILAYER right upto date. This has been a lengthy task but within this month (August 2017) you will see a many improvments to our website and services that we provide. We will also be releasing weekly changelogs so all of our customers can keep upto date. Here is a list of changes that have been made over the past week.

ClientLayer & Support

  • NEW : New Live Chat Sales and Support.
  • FIXED : Ticket system updated (Removed Kayako system) which caused issues with ticket submission and the latest billing software version.
  • NEW : Support hours modified to bring faster support and to accommodate Live Chat.
  • FIXED : EMAIL system which caused problem with certain emails accounts.

Products & Services

  • NEW : Rising World
  • NEW : Argo
  • NEW : GTAV FiveM (FXServer)
  • NEW : Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
  • NEW : BlackWake
  • NEW : Balistic Overkill
  • NEW : Hellion
  • NEW : The Forest (Dedicated server bug currently)
  • NEW : Avorion
  • NEW : Broke Protocol
  • NEW : Dark and Light
  • NEW : Day of Infamy
  • NEW : ARMA 3 : All In One
    • ADDED : Desolation Redux
    • ADDED : Reworked Steam Workshop Manager allowing custom mods to be downloaded straight from Workshop and automatically updated.
    • ADDED : Scheduled task for workshop manager and tied in with Steam Update tool.
    • ADDED : Mods that support Steam Workshop automatically downloaded, installed and updated with the click of a button
    • FIXED : Addon manager Epoch and Exile mods not installing database upon installation
    • ADDED : Redis database manager


Hello Everyone,

We've been extremely busy and pro-actively taking on new development to further improve performance and security.

We know that one of the main issues with hosting services on the internet today is DDOS ATTACKS and we hate them just as much as you, so we are proud to announce that we will be bring a brand new service to Vilayer which will protect you no matter what service you have.

In the following locations the new SEC-LAYER will become active from now to the end of September as we roll out the new infrastructure.

Australia Services Launched!

G'Day Mate!,

As part of our new releases we are glad to inform you that we have introduced a brand new network located in Sydney Australia as per multiple requests by Australian clients.

Our goal is to bring Australian clients low cost services as they are around the world however in Australia power and bandwidth are extremely expensive and for this reason we have to charge 14.95 for the location but all other prices are the same.