Certified Seal Security Seals

The Virtual Layer!

Vilayer has been running virtualization services since the company started. We pride ourselves in correct application and extreme scalability benefits in one of the worlds most powerful architectures.

Keeping with our conforming standards we ensure that all machines are of a specific hardware specification and the network is fully compatiable with the virtualization platforms.

With over 100 different operating system templates and bootable iso, 2 virtualization platforms, extreme performance and highly redundant services we've got you covered!

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Powerful, Reliable & Secure
    SEC-LAYER keeps malicious traffic away from your services no matter what the service your hosting is.

    Protection today is vital! It's not if you recieve a DDOS it's when and when you do SEC-LAYER is ready.
    We ensure our entire infrastructure meets our own conforming standards allowing us to provide unparalleled services. We have specifically designed our own hardware for certain hosting tasks to ensure the best possible performance at all times without loosing reliability and redundancy.
Powerful Administration
    The VSPLAYER powered by SolusVM has been specifically customized for each virtualization platform and has allowed us to have bespoke configurations for each location. Allowing you the most feature packed controlling of your virtualization possible!