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$8.03 $8.03 $11.49




50+ Globally 35+ Globally 50+ Globally

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Unlimited Bandwidth (traffic)



Lowest Latency Highest Bandwidth Low Latest & High Bandwidth

Simultaneous Connections

2 5 unlimited

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Supported Console's

Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Andriod TV and much more Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Andriod TV and much more Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Andriod TV and much more
256bit AES & 2048 bit RSA Encryption included at standard

Fully Encrypted

P2P / Torrents

We only monitor the traffic on our Gamers package to ensure that all connections are running at the lowest possible latency.

Zero traffic logs

IPv4 & IPv6 ready

Ultimate Network With Over 50 Locations World Wide!

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Standard Features

Fast Setup
Servers start provisioning instantly after the payment is recieved, the process can take upto 30 minutes on larger based games however normally the server is ready to play within a few minutes of your order being processed. Dedicated Servers can take 48-72 Hours and Game Servers Can Take 24hours if we are out of stock due to location restrictions, billing dates will be corrected.
World Wide Servers
We offer a huge range of locations for you to choose from to ensure you get the best possible ping and performance on your game services.
Clan / Group Pay
We offer a unique Clan / Group Pay system which allows your clients / members to pay directly into your Vilayer account allowing you to pay for your services without the hassle of paypal and other forms of payment system charges.
Low Prices
At Vilayer we're constantly scanning the market to ensure we will always mantain low prices on all our products so you can be assured that your getting the best value for your hard earned money.
No Setup Fee
At Vilayer we will never charge you a setup fee for any game services or game product.
Quality Network
We have carefully setup our network and infrastructure to guarantee you have the best possible network performance on the market today we have achived this with carefully choosing premium bandwidth and reliable suppliers.
Quality Hardware
We are constantly updating our backend infrastructure to ensure that only the latest and greatest hardware is used on our network to guarantee only the highest server proformance possible within the game market today and to better that we run a yearly upgrade on machine hardware to update all older machines to the latest industry leading hardware. So whether your server has been running for 1 month or 1 year you can be assured that your server is on the latest hardware.
Service Support 24/7
At Vilayer we know your server operates 24/7 so we make sure we operate 24/7 by ticket and email support. For the more techinal problems we also operate phone support which for USA customers is online 9am - 9pm CST (Central Standard Time) and for European customers is online 9am - 9pm EST (Europe standard time). We also offer Teamspeak Support however this is not a fully manned service, It's designed to allow community based support however we normally have staff members online throughout the day.
Service Monitoring 24/7
Our ACPLAYER has a very sophisticated query protocol of which has been customized by Vilayer with scripts which scans your service every minute to verify it's online, if your service isn't online it then checks and verifies that you have not stopped the service or you are not making any modifications within the ACPLAYER. If your sevice has crashed it will attempt to start your service and verify it has come back online, If your service comes online it will send an email informing you that your service crashed and it was successfully put back online. If all of the control panel functions fail and it was unable to put your server back online, the ACPLAYER will email you informing you that your service was unable to be put back online and it requires your intervention.

The ACPLAYER also informs our support team that your service has failed ahead of time of which if you submit a support ticket our team already knows of possible problems with your service, if you submit a support ticket, our team will deal with the issue and ensure your service is back online and fully functioning as soon as possible.
A brand new unique system only from Vilayer were by we offer our SEC-LAYER security system in supported datacenters around the world to FULLY protect your server from any form of malicious traffic.

The best of all is it's completely free at standard DDOS protection level which will protect your server 99% of the time from any form of flooding, ip spoofing and much more...

Hardware Features

Hardware Monitoring 24/7
All of the servers on our network are monitored 24/7 if they go offline our staff will be notified within seconds and will immediately diagnose the issue. If the issue is a hardware fault of some form we will replace the hardware that has gone faulty as soon as possible.

This function also co-insides with the network monitoring to ensure that it's just the server that has gone down and not some form of network related issue. This way we can diagnose issues much quicker to keep your service online as much as possible.
Network Monitoring 24/7
All of our network is monitored 24/7 right down to the actual server port, this co-insides with the hardware monitoring and if an outage is detected our staff are informed within seconds however... Our network operates on multiple backend connections in all datacenters so a full network outage is very rare but if issues do occure including packet loss and unstable network connectivity our staff are informed of which the issue will be diagnosed then fixed.
Replacments Onsite 24/7
No matter what the hardware we always have replacements onsite to ensure that in case of hardware failure we have replacement hardware ready to be provisioned. We know that hardware fails and we don't operate our business on *might fail* we operate our business on worse case senario so we can 100% assure you that in case of mass failure we are able to keep services online and functioning.
Fault Monitoring 24/7
We have a very sophisticated hardware fault monitoring system, our internal NOC ( Network Operations Center ) is linked up with all servers in the form of their IPMI / IRMC and other forms of internal server systems which constantly monitors all hardware connected to that server to ensure that if they fault we get notified as soon as it happens. After we have diagnosed the issue we will if needed repair / fix the issue to ensure that the machine is stable.
Technicians Onsite 24/7
We are able to contact staff 24/7 365 days per year at all our SAS certified datacenters so if we can not fix a issue online we are able to get immediate intervention from the datacenter at any time, so even if the worse was to happen we can still get the issue resolved.
Triple electrical supply
One of the minimum requirements we have for hosting at Vilayer is redundancy, we ensure that all Datacenters we host at have a minimum triple power supply connectivity technology to 99.9% guarantee that you wont have an issue with power supply to your services. This includes 2 x Main Steam Power Feed, 3 x Backup Generators, Battery Power (Worse Case Senario), When battery power is activated all servers are sent power shutdown command to allow servers to shut down without data loss however there is less than 1% chance that this will happen within todays industry.